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Trainings and Convenings

In the past, ACF has:

  • Organized and held trainings on Dismantling Racism in two states
  • Sponsored and organized “State of the States” — meetings in each of the four states on social justice and organizing in Central Appalachia
  • Collaborated to host the first southeastern Media Justice Conference with the Fund for Southern Communities.
  • Co-sponsored a public showing of the Appalshop film “Up the Ridge: A U.S. Prison Story
  • Co-sponsored a community observance of the first anniversary of the Katrina tragedy.
  • Helped coordinate visits to Appalachia by Martin Luther King III and the “Realizing the Dream” project to address poverty.
  • Helped coordinate and lead “The Gathering” sponsored by Harry Belafonte which addressed youth issues nationally, particularly around criminal justice.


ACF’s Board of Directors is exploring other possible regional gatherings and convenings on:

  • Dismantling Racism
  • Youth in Appalachia
  • Community economic development and organizing models
  • Media Justice
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) issues