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Morgan “Mo” Hall is a charismatic, bright-eyed organizer by nature. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mo moved to Knoxville when they were 5 years old back in 2010. Morgan has always been identified by their family and loved ones as a “change-maker” as they have never been one to conform and always embraced the things about them that their peers try to condemn. Mo is an amazing graphic artist, plays trombone in the Powell Middle School band, is a Junior Educator for the Children’s Justice Camp at Highlander Research & Education Center, and is an amazing big sister.

Finding sense of community is hard for a gender nonconforming person of color in the south. This has never stopped them from getting out in their community, no matter the reception. The Out in the South Regional Gathering in 2017 was the first time Mo was able to experience what community looked like with “people who had the same nature” as them. That statement, along with their dynamic presence in the space, touched many participants in the room which lead to Mo being nominated for their current role as Youth Board Member of Appalachian Community Fund.

Mo’s goal as Youth Board Member is to represent the voice of their peers while serving ACF and their community. Since joining the board Mo has presented along side Kendall Bilbrey and Brandi Augustus at the Appalachian Studies Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio and is excited to do more work, not only in their community but throughout Appalachia and the south.