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Mission Statement

The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) funds and encourages grassroots social change in Central Appalachia. ACF works to build a sustainable base of resources to support community-led organizations seeking to overcome and address issues of race, economic status, gender, sexual identity, and disability. As a community-controlled fund, ACF offers leadership to expand and strengthen the movement for social change through its practices and policies.

Vision Statement

On the journey to justice, our vision is to work for the day when Appalachia’s land, air and water are safe from destruction and contamination; where the economy is stable, strong, and provides diverse employment opportunities for all people; where government and industry are accountable to human needs without exploitation of people and their health; where justice, equity, appreciation of diversity and celebration of our common humanity replace racism, sexism, heterosexism and other “isms”; where wealth and resources are shared equally; where all children grow up free from hatred and violence; and where justice overcomes oppression in any form.

We Value

  • The critical importance of anti-racism work as a part of bringing about social change
  • Diversity of voices, experience, and geography
  • Decision-making that is built on consensus, equal participation, and shared leadership
  • Equality of people and equity in practice
  • Leadership of people involved in issues and action
  • Accountability, friendliness and openness to our donor partners, our grantee partners and all allies who seek justice
  • Building a sense of community and promoting inclusiveness
  • Sharing of stories and experience to build relationships, leadership and solidarity
  • Speaking out and standing up
  • Seeing, sharing and creating the connections among people, communities, environment, the region and the world
  • Grassroots experience, skills, wisdom and plain good sense
  • Celebration of culture, heritage, survival, community, and victories for justice
  • The natural and human resources that make Appalachia a rich and diverse region


The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) operates on principles of compassion and respect for all beings, integrity, transparency, a belief in and commitment to justice, and care for our region and our planet. An analysis of oppression, particularly racism, informs ACF’s work; and in all of its activities, goals and outcomes, ACF seeks to model an organization which is effective, responsible, accountable, democratic, anti-racist, and committed to developing leadership. ACF works to change systems and institutions and also believes in changing those it is a part of, recognizing and acknowledging that the systems it seeks to change transcend geographic, national and international boundaries. The Fund believes in sharing power, sharing responsibility, and seeking input and ideas from all components of the organization as it strives to embody, and to encourage other organizations to embody, these principles.