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Journey Toward Justice Report

An Appalachian Journey Toward Justice

The Appalachian Community Fund presents our report “An Appalachian Journey Toward Justice. This is a large document, so it may take a moment to download.

Correction: The report contained incorrect information about the “Voices for Appalachia” acknowledgement on page 16. Please note that the correct acknowledgement is given below:“Voices For Appalachia” portraits(pages 2, 4, 10, 12, 14): From the “Voices For Appalachia / A Portrait-Story Project / Written and Narrated by Hundreds”

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Robing Hood     
Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change
y Chuck Collins and Pam Rogers with Joan P. Garner

"At a time when the gap between the rich and poor in our country has become enormous, here is a refreshing antidote: a book that gives those of us who are not poor some practical advice on how to help narrow that gap.  What is crucially important about Robin Hood Was Right is that the authors insist on going beyond traditional philanthropy.  Their objective is long-term and fundamental: to change the social conditions responsible for poverty and other forms of social justice.  This book is  bold in its philosophy and down to earth in its applications of that philosophy." ~Howard Zinn 

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We Gave Away a Fortune 

We Gave Away a Fortune
y Christopher Mogil and Anne Slepian with Peter Woodrow

We Gave Away a Fortune mixes stories, exercises and them chapters into a provocative handbook for re-thinking our society's mindless quest for wealth, power and privilege.  It helps us all, rich and poor, reconsider the role of money in our lives, culture and economy.

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You Can Do itYou Can Do It!   
A Volunteer's Guide to Raising Money for your Group in Words and Pictures
by Vicki Quatmann

Originally published by the Southern Empowerment Project is now in the hands of the Appalachian Community Fund.  The late Vicki Quatmann, fundraiser, trainer, activist and a founding member of ACF, shares her invaluable thoughts and experiences through words and experiences in this engaging and thought-provoking manual. 

Si, Todos Podemos! The Spanish edition of You Can Do It!
by Vicki Quatmann, Translated by Maria Pedro Bruce

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We Make Change                       

We Make Change; Community Organizers Talk About What They Do - and Why
by Kristin Layng Szakos and Joe Szakos

This book explores the world of community organizing through the voices of real people working in the field, in small towns and city neighborhoods - women and men of different races and economic backgrounds, ranging in age from those in their twenties to those in their sixties.  Fourteen in-depth profiles tell the life stories of a cross-section of the diverse people who choose the life of an organizer.  Other chapters, focus on issues of organizing, are tapestries of experience woven from the 81 interviews the authors conducted. 

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