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About Grantee:

Rural Resources – Greenville, Tennessee
Rural Resources is a farm-based organization located in Greene County in Northeast Tennessee that connects farms, food and families.

Grant Amount $1,500


Farm & Food Teen Training Program: Artisan Pizzas’ Enterprise Project
The Farm & Food Teen Training Program targets economically at-risk teens and teaches key concepts related to every stage of the farm-to-table process, as well as critical business skills, in a four to five-year comprehensive educational experience.

Teens will launch a social enterprise of an artisan pizza business. First year teens will grow the ingredients, second year teens will learn to make dough, sauce, can tomatoes, preserve other vegetables, and more. Third and fourth year teens are involved in business planning and implementation. Their third year teens will learn about business practices; building a business plan; building leadership, teamwork, and communication skills; and reviewing our current business plan model for the artisan pizzas.

In reviewing the model, they will be looking at ways to add to the current model to make it more successful; reviewing sales and costs and re-analysis their cost/profit analysis; improving marketing strategies; and continuing to build upon the foundation their fourth year teens are beginning this year. The fourth year teens will take their business plan they made last year and put the model into action. They will be implementing recipes they have created this fall and winter; developing a survey for customers to offer reviews; tracking ingredient uses, costs, and profits; and analyzing all the data to improve upon their business plan, making recommendations to the future teen participants.

Read more about their impact in their 2016 Training Evaluation.

A special thank you to everyone who made this grant possible by contributing to
the Appalachian Community Fund!