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F**K the Fear Campaign!!!

We are currently living in a time of provoked fear, the time of the Fear Campaign.

Living with the fear of driving while black or just being a black child period.

Living with the fear of deportation and separation from our families.

Living with the fear of being raped and living with that trauma all of our life while our attacker gets off with a three-month sentence because sending him to jail would have a “severe impact on his life.”

We are living in a time when the presidential campaign feeds off people’s fear that excites violence.

We are living in a time of mass shootings in places where people go to fellowship, stand in solidarity, and enjoy each other’s company;  places of worship, educational facilities, transportation hubs, public events. . .

There are those who want us to freeze in fear.

I say F**K the Fear Campaign!!!

It’s not that we shouldn’t be alert and careful and protect our families, our land, and ourselves from harm.

Instead let’s stand together, let’s work together to change the individual mindsets, the radical ideologies, and the systems, the laws and the media that keep trying to freeze us with fear.

Let’s stand together and not be shut down or turned around away from our Journey toward Justice!

Will you sing with me?

Peace, love, and justice,

Margo Miller
Executive Director
Appalachian Community Fund