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You can use your WILL to leave a POWERFUL legacy!

Appalachian Community Fund donors come from all different backgrounds and experiences and they give to ACF because they share a commitment to justice and a care for Central Appalachia and our global community. The people who have joined the Appalachian WILL Power Legacy Circle have made a lasting commitment to social change by including ACF in their wills and estate plans to ensure the long-term stability and strength of the Fund and to leave a legacy of their vision and values for democracy.

Once you have provided for the people you love, we hope you will consider including a bequest to the Appalachian Community Fund in your Will. Bequests of any size can help ensure that ACF will be stronger than ever and serving social justice for generations to come. The estate tax savings in a bequest can also be dramatic for you and your loved ones, allowing you to give more money to both the people and causes you care about. Please let us know if you would like a referral to an estate planning attorney, tax advisor, or estate planning advisor who would be a good match for you.

What is the Appalachian WILL Power Legacy Circle

The Appalachian WILL Power Legacy Circle is a circle of ACF donors who have recognized the Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) in their Will, estate plan, or other planned giving arrangements. Through their foresight and generosity, members of the Legacy Circle are providing a steady stream of resources for future generations of community leaders, grassroots activists and those committed to building a more just, equitable, and compassionate society.

A Legacy for Justice

Behind community-led efforts on issues such as accessible health care and child care, youth leadership, educational equality, protection and preservation of civil liberties, rights and benefits for disabled miners and their families, racial healing and establishing policies against hate crimes and homophobia, arts and culture for social change, and tax reform are tenacious grassroots leaders who are making Central Appalachia a more livable and equitable place for all who reside here. Behind those leaders is the critical support of the Appalachian Community Fund and its donors.

Those who use their Appalachian WILL Power share a strong bond of generosity and a commitment to leaving a lasting legacy to Central Appalachia and our democracy. Their thoughtful gifts are an investment in new leaders, new ideas, and new solutions. Theirs is a commitment to keeping the focus on Change, not Charity. While we may not know what challenges lie ahead, we do know that the basic values of inclusion, fairness, and respect will always be at the heart of the solutions. Legacy Circle members ensure that the Appalachian Community Fund is a permanent home for these values and for those who cherish them.

What Planned Gifts Support

Planned gifts may be designated to support specific grantmaking programs at the Appalachian Community Fund, or gifts may be directed to priority areas determined by ACF’s Board of Directors and the community activists who advise us in our grantmaking. Unrestricted gifts allow ACF the most flexibility to respond to needs and issues that may change over time. Fifty percent of unrestricted planned gifts support a future permanent endowment for ACF, and fifty percent supports community needs.
Every gift size matters, and every gift makes a difference in bringing us closer to a more just and humane community. Even a small bequest in your Will can have a big impact when combined with gifts from other thoughtful individuals.

What to Give

  • Cash
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate

How to Give

  • Bequest through your Will
  • Gifts through living trusts or other trusts
  • Beneficiary designation through retirement plans or insurance policies

For sample language on how to leave a bequest to ACF in your WILL, please click here.

Benefits of Membership

The greatest benefit to joining the Appalachian WILL Power Legacy Circle is the knowledge that you will keep the values of democracy and justice alive through your gift. You will also be passing on these values and supporting their embrace of them to future generations of grassroots leaders. In addition, many planned giving instruments save you and your family money by decreasing the amount of inheritance tax they pay. We encourage you to contact your professional advisors for a more detailed explanation of the vehicles available to you for planning your gifts and an analysis of the tax advantages of certain gifts.

Appalachian WILL Power Legacy Circle members also receive recognition for their gifts through invitations to all Appalachian Community Fund major donor events. In addition, members will be recognized in selected ACF publications.

To learn more about how to use your Appalachian WILL Power to leave a Legacy for Justice or to advise us of your thoughtful intentions to use your WILL Power and name the Appalachian Community Fund in your estate plans, please contact Margo Miller, ACF’s Executive Director, at (865) 523-5783 or

We would be honored to be a part of your legacy!