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General Fund

Appalshop, Thousand Kites” Whitesburg, Kentucky — $9,000

Funds will support the project which uses forums, film screenings, art, workshops and theater readings by prisoners, former prisoners, families, correction officers and communities to raise awareness about the criminal justice system and the impact on rural communities.

Beehive Design Collective* — $6,500

The grant will help the completion, distribution and educational use of the True Cost of Coal poster. The wildly complex image uses plants and animals to tell Appalachian stories but also builds relationships and is a catalyst for education and story-sharing around land and resource struggles.

Big Creek People in Action, War, West Virginia — $6,900

The grant will support the Breaking Barriers and Building Trust project which creates opportunities for youth and adult partnerships for change and breaks down racial and class barriers in local high schools.

Citizens for Police Review, Knoxville, Tennessee — $3,250

Funds will support monitoring and documenting racism in the criminal justice system and efforts to use media for community discussions and education about problems and solutions to criminal justice issues.

Clay County Communications – WYAP, Clay, West Virginia — $3,000

Grant monies will help increase environmental awareness; expand on-air jobs updates and prospects; grow participation in live discussion groups; and add a legal knowledge base of what avenues of change are available to the common citizen.

Clearfork Community Institute, Clairfield, Tennessee — $3,500

Grant funds are for the Volunteers In Partnership (VIP) project which is engaging in mapping to interface and support permaculture planning and green construction in this isolated coalfield mountain community.

Clearfork Watershed Council, Newcomb, Tennessee — $4,400

The first time grant will help the Council bring together diverse stakeholders to take active roles in restoring the vitality of the local watershed and local community assets, particularly abandoned mine lands, acid mine drainage and soil compaction

Clinchco Center of the Appalachian Women’s Alliance, Clinchco, Virginia — $9,000

Support is for their community center in rural Dickenson County which bridges black and white communities and addresses issues of civic education and leadership development.

Coal River Mountain Watch, Whitesville, West Virginia — $7,000

Grant monies will help support the ongoing work to counter the devastating process of Mountain Top Removal mining, to protect and monitor community health, and to oppose destructive environmental practices while seeking avenues to rebuild sustainable communities

Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee,
Knoxville, Tennessee — $6,500

The grant supports a network of organizations working on issues such as the unwritten history of African Americans in East Tennessee, barriers to Spanish speaking citizens’ participation in the community, and economic development in rural areas with high unemployment.

Community House Cooperative, Newport, Tennessee — $6,500

Funding will support effective projects involving and empowering local citizens, and a sustainable program that furthers social, economic and environmental justice utilizing local, regional and national collaboration.

Community Shares, Knoxville, Tennessee — $8,000

Grant support will help foster a strong and viable statewide network of social change organizations working in coalition with over 50 member groups to build resources through workplace giving opportunities.

Direct Action Welfare Group, Charleston, West Virginia — $9,000

Funds will be used to build collaborations and strategic partnerships, develop leadership, affect policy and communicate an analysis of and solutions to economic problems and countering poverty.

Eastern Coal Regional Roundtable, Mullens, West Virginia — $6,900

A first time grant to help serve watershed groups in communities scarred by mining through outreach, training and information.

Fair Shake Network, Institute, West Virginia — $5,000

The grant will support training and development related to disability rights and policy activities in conjunction with the state Disability Agenda and Disability Advocacy Day at the State Capitol.

High Rocks, Hillsboro, West Virginia — $4,400

Grant monies will go toward the Borderlands Delegation – an experiential learning opportunity for Appalachian girls and young women at the Arizona-Mexico border.

Highlander Research and Education Center, New Market, Tennessee — $5,000

Funds are for enhancement of the Multi-Lingual Capacity Building Project, which provides training and workshops for over 200 social justice interpreters in Appalachia and the Southeast and in immigrant communities.

In Praise of Mountain Women, Dungannon, Virginia — $4,500

The grant will provide resources for a regional gathering of rural and low income Appalachian women: “Celebrating Our Home Place: This Land is Home to Me”, which provides spaces and opportunities for women to connect out of isolation and focus on care of self and the earth.

J. R. Clifford Project – Friends of Blackwater, Charleston, West Virginia — $3,500

Funding is for a history project in West Virginia schools to combat racism through making history visible.

Just Connections, Maryville, Tennessee — $4,400

The grant will support this network of organizers, college faculty and allies who are developing strategies together for partnering colleges and communities, accessing college resources, and bringing social justice to related rural communities.

Kentucky Coalition, London, Kentucky — $4,400

The grant is for the Voter Empowerment Project in Eastern Kentucky counties to develop leadership, facilitate voter education and registration and provide honest information about policies and issues of interest.

Kentucky Environmental Foundation, Berea, Kentucky — $9,000

Funds will support the Clean Energy, Clean Air project to promote and develop collaborative strategies for clean energy policy in the state and to mobilize and act on specific threats of coal plant pollution.

National Alliance on Mental Illness*, Nashville, Tennessee — $6,900

The grant will be used for the Peer Support Organizing Campaign to retain the centers which offer peer support, outreach, and promote self-determination for those with mental illness.

Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. Oak Ridge, Tennessee — $2,000

Funds support the campaign to halt production of nuclear weapons at the Y12 plant and to educate and mobilize action to understand the economic impact of ending nuclear weapons production.

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Huntington, West Virginia — $9,000

Support is for organizing citizens to publicly oppose Mountain Top Removal; continuing to support litigation to address specific illegalities of Mountain Top Removal; and continuing to attract media attention to the issue.

One Nation by Conviction, Knoxville, Tennessee — $6,500

The grant will help bring awareness to the injustice affecting the community within the federal judicial system and to organize forums and other activities geared toward ending sentencing disparities and restoring voting rights.

Owsley County Action Team, Booneville, Kentucky — $6,900

Funds will help to build a stronger economy and healthier community through developing local leadership, sustainable community development and an enriched quality of life.

South Central Educational Development, Bluefield, West Virginia — $9,000

Funds will help expand outreach to hard-to-reach communities suffering from HIV. Community Mobilization and Empowerment teams will develop “Popular Opinion Leaders” from the African American community to engage peers. The “Sounds of Prevention” program will challenge youth to write songs and poetry about prevention education.

Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment (SOCM)
Lake City, Tennessee — $6,900

Support is for the Mountain Top Removal Organizing Project work to keep MTR (Mountain Top Removal) out of Tennessee and expand the interpretation of the Clean Water Act through public and private meetings; partnering against MTR with churches, civic groups, and outdoors enthusiasts; mobilizing media attention and supporters; amending new permitting and enforcement policies; and pressuring for a water quality policy blocking future MTR permits.

Stay Project, Whitesburg, Kentucky — $5,000

The grant will support this youth-led initiative in working together to help create the opportunities they need to be learners, leaders, and activists in the region.

Tennessee Health Care Campaign*, Nashville, Tennessee — $6,900

Grant monies will be used for work to reform health care and to support local organizing committees and trainings to help patients, families, caregivers, social workers and others to know and understand state health policies and patient rights.

Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition *, Nashville, Tennessee — $6,500

The grant will support two new Justice Schools in East Tennessee and further engage existing and emerging leaders in campaigns addressing racial profiling policies.

The Alliance for Appalachia, Charleston, West Virginia — $6,900 

Funds will help to coordinate 13 groups in 5 states as they connect those affected by Mountain Top Removal into national conversations and to help develop policy such as the Appalachia Restoration Act.

The Clinch Coalition, Nickelsville, Virginia — $6,900

The grant is for outreach, education and policy development on the High Knob Jefferson National Forest program to create alternatives to deforestation and promote and advocate for sustainable forest practices and economic development.

Virginia Black Lung Association, Richlands, Virginia — $9,000

Grant funds for this long-term work will help support documentation of mine incidents and work sites so that “hot spots” can be aggressively addressed. Grass-roots pressure to reform the Black Lung Benefits Program will be sustained through training; developing and pursuing local strategies and public education; monitoring black lung claims; and documenting younger workers with black lung and pulmonary fibrosis.

Virginia Organizing Project *, Charlottesville, Virginia — $4,400

Funding will support the Appalachian field office, which assists new and emerging groups, as well as help longstanding projects and organizations connect to statewide policy and networks and build support for statewide campaigns on issues affecting Appalachian areas.

West Virginia FREE, Charleston, West Virginia — $8,000

Grant monies will help promote education and legislation around reproductive rights and women’s health, especially for rural teens. The statewide Emergency Contraception Project (“EC in the ER”) will continue surveys of hospital and pharmacy practices and, when completed, will yield a directory for young women seeking contraceptive support – a critical tool for young women in rural areas with a limited choice of pharmacies.

West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council, Institute, West Virginia — $4,400

The grant is for support of the Disability Rights Caucus which develops leaders, influences policy, and develops strategies to address disability rights.

West Virginia Surface Owners Rights Organization, Charleston, West Virginia — $3,500

Funds are for education and raising awareness among landowners and policy makers around pollution and destruction from careless oil and gas drilling and to help owners understand their rights and how they can protect their land.

Woodland Community Land Trust, Clairfield, Tennessee — $2,500

Funds will support projects and outreach to demonstrate land and water quality issues as they relate to poverty and community empowerment.

* Grant is designated for work in Appalachian counties.

Seize the Moment Grants

Aurora Lights, Morgantown, West Virginia — $200

Jobs with Justice of East Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee — $200

Kentucky Environmental Foundation, Berea, Kentucky — $200

Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (S.E.E.E.D.), Knoxville, Tennessee— $250

Three Rivers Community Foundation, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania* — $200

Technical Assistance Program

Clear Fork Watershed Council, Newcomb, Tennessee — $400

Clinchco Center, Clinchco, Virginia — $800

In Praise of Mountain Women, Dungannon, Virginia — $500

Jobs With Justice of East Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee — $300

Laurel County African American Heritage Center, London, Kentucky — $750

Negro Women’s Civic Club, Greeneville, Tennessee — $550

Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky — $800

Project 2000, Knoxville, Tennessee — $500

Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development, Knoxville, Tennessee — $850

Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards, Big Stone Gap, Virginia — $800

Tennessee Coal Ash Survivors Network, Harriman, Tennessee — $800

The Clinch Coalition, Big Stone Gap, Virginia — $800

Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum, Bastian, Virginia — $100

Major support for the Appalachian Community Fund’s General Grantmaking Program comes from
The New York Community Trust.

Media Justice Initiative

Appalshop, Whitesburg, Kentucky — $1,000

GLBTQ Initiative

Fairness West Virginia, Charleston, West Virginia — $1,000

Madison County Action Team, Big Hill, Kentucky — $2,000

Special Initiatives

Central Appalachian Network Mini-Grants Program

Appalachian Staple Food Collaborative, Athens, Ohio* — $15,720

Clinch Appalachian Farmers Enterprise, Church Hill, Tennessee — $15,720

Community Farm Alliance, Frankfort, Kentucky* — $13,000

Fayette County Farmers Market, Thurmond, West Virginia — $5,700

Lynchburg Grows, Lynchburg, Virginia — $12,000

Monroe Farm Market, Waiteville, West Virginia — $15,720

Rural Resources, Greeneville, Tennessee — $6,440

True & Essential Meats, Harrisonburg, Virginia — $15,720

* indicates grants designated for work in Appalachian Counties

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