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General Fund

612 MAC Community Center, Fairmont, West Virginia — $9,000
Grant monies help provide a safe place for academic support, mentoring, and skills building for young people in an African American community.

Appalachian Womens Alliance, Floyd, Virginia — $9,000
Support is for the Clinchco Center in rural Dickenson County which bridges black and white communities and addresses issues of education and isolation.

Appalshop, Whitesburg, Kentucky — $9,000
Funds are for the Thousand Kites project a continuation of Holler to the Hood using art, culture, education, and media to address issues faced by communities impacted the prison industry. It will build networks and partnerships with rural prison communities and prisoners home communities; and create a play script woven of songs, stories, poetry and letters to and from prisoners. www.appalshop.org

Big Creek People In Action, War, West Virginia — $9,000
The grant supports Young Leaders programs in the 6th poorest county in the US: Education and Economic Opportunity to help access higher education, Just and Democratic Communities to build leadership and citizenship skills, and Leaders for Change addressing race and class issues.

Citizens for Police Review, Knoxville, Tennessee — $7,500
The grant will support monitoring and documenting racism in the criminal justice system and efforts to use media for community discussions and education about problems and solutions to criminal justice issues.

Clifford Project of Friends of Blackwater, Charleston, West Virginia — $3,000
Funding is for the J.R. Clifford Project an education and history project in the schools and combating racism through making history visible and through developing curriculum for the schools.

Clinch Coalition, Coeburn, Virginia — $4,000
A grant for the High Knob Jefferson National Forest program to create alternatives to deforestation and promote and advocate for sustainable forest practices and economic development.

Coal River Mountain Watch, Whitesville, West Virginia — $7,000
Grant monies will help support the Healthy Communities: Environmental Protection in the Coalfields program to fight Mountain Top Removal mining and to protect and monitor community health and destructive environmental practices.

Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee — $9,000
The grant supports a network of organizations working on issues such as the unwritten history of African Americans in East Tennessee, barriers to Spanish speaking citizens participation in the community, and economic development in rural areas with high unemployment.

*Community Farm Alliance, Frankfort, Kentucky — $9,000
Funds will support the Farm to Community; Creating Healthy Farms, Healthy Economics program in 3 Appalachian counties, developing creative models for rural economic development strategies and connecting farmers with community and state markets.

Community House Cooperative, Newport, Tennessee — $7,500
Funds for peer mediation and youth leadership programs especially related to substance abuse and to continue the community information hub, implementing the Newport Community Network a storefront headquarters and expand the Tanner Tech-Media Center as a critical tool for adult learning opportunities.

Community Shares of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee — $9,000
Grant support will help foster a strong and viable statewide network of social change organizations working in coalition with over 50 member groups building resources through tapping workplace payroll deductions.

High Rocks, Hillsboro, West Virginia — $4,750
The grant will help support programs with and for young women which address specific barriers to inclusiveness that youth in communities face, including gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Highlander Research and Education Center, New Market, Tennessee — $5,000
Funds are for continuation of the Multi-Lingual Capacity Building Project which provides training and workshops for social justice interpreters in Appalachia and the Southeast and in immigrant communities.

Hopeful City, Wheeling, West Virginia — $3,000
This first time grant will help the development of MOSAIC, a project to create a united grassroots voice of residents to impact statewide decision making.

In Praise of Mountain Women, Dungannon, Virginia — $7,500
The grant will provide resources for a regional gathering of rural and low income Appalachian women: Celebrating Our Home Place: This Land is Home to Me which provides spaces and opportunities for women to connect out of isolation and focus on care of self and the earth.

Jubilee Project, Sneedville, Tennessee — $4,750
Funding will be used to support the Farm-to-School Project in which the Clinch Appalachian Farm Enterprise (CAF) will build skills and policy work with farmers to make it feasible for those local farmers to supply food to local schools.

*Kentucky Coalition, London, Kentucky — $3,000
The grant is for the Voter Empowerment Project in Eastern Kentucky counties to develop leadership, facilitate voter education and registration and provide honest information about policies and issues of interest.

Kentucky Environmental Foundation, Berea, Kentucky — $4,750
Funds will be used to promote environmental democracy and to advocate for the safe disposal of chemical weapons stored in army depots in Kentucky; and to develop a community based model for safe and sustainable operations at the Blue Grass Depot.

*Kentucky Jobs with Justice, Louisville, Kentucky — $7,500
The grant will support coalition-building for Brown-Black Dialogue in Appalachian counties through workshops and trainings on civil and immigrant rights and development of strategies and networks for workers.

Letcher County Head of Three Rivers, Whitesburg, Kentucky — $4,000
The first time grant will help develop the first community watershed organization in the state and begin planning of an Acid Mine Drainage treatment system.

New Empowerment for Women, Logan, West Virginia — $9,000
Grant monies will support the Mentoring Program for African-American high school young women and men leaders and will addresses educational inequalities, community history and higher education opportunities.

Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, Oak Ridge, Tennessee — $7,500
Funds support the campaign to halt production of nuclear weapons at the Y12 plant and to educate and mobilize action to understand the economic impact of spending that could be supporting education, health care, housing, and economic development in poor and rural communities.

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Huntington, West Virginia — $9,000
Support is for the Appalachian Coalfields – Friends of the Mountain program to protect against Mountain Top Removal and resulting valley fill and to expand outreach, leadership development and activities in coalfield communities.

Save Our Cumberland Mountains, Lake City, Tennessee — $9,000
Support is for the Mountaintop Removal Organizing Project work to keep MTR (mountaintop removal) out of Tennessee and expand the interpretation of the Clean Water Act through public and private meetings, partnering against MTR with churches, civic groups, and outdoors enthusiasts, mobilizing media attention and supporters, and amending new permitting and enforcement policies; and pressuring for a water quality policy blocking future MTR permits.

Solutions to Issues of Concern to Knoxvillians, Knoxville, Tennessee — $9,000
Grant monies will aid the efforts of low and moderate income citizens to take action and focus on issues arising from the state Healthcare System cuts, Welfare Rights and Income Support policies, and local issues around access to affordable and safe housing.

South Central Educational Development, Bluefield, West Virginia — $9,000
Funds will help expand outreach to hard-to-reach communities suffering from HIV. Community Mobilization and Empowerment teams will develop Popular Opinion Leaders from the African American community to engage peers. The Sounds of Prevention program will challenge youth to write songs and poetry about prevention education.

*Tennessee Alliance for Progress, Nashville, Tennessee — $9,000
The grant will focus on East Tennessee with a series of popular education projects designed to promote a deep discussion around community values and to help build bridges between constituencies and organizations.

*Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Nashville, Tennessee — $3,000
Support is for training, networking and technical assistance through the Violence Against Women Organizing and Education Project.

*Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Nashville, Tennessee — $3,000
Grant monies are for the East Tennessee Campaign work around Grassroots Civic Participation linking constituencies around shared issues, and engaging leaders in civic participation and understanding civil rights and to strengthen and unify immigrant communities.

Virginia Black Lung Association, Richlands, Virginia — $9,000
Grant funds for this long-term work will help support documentation of mine incidents and work sites so that hot spots can be aggressively addressed. Grass-roots pressure to reform the Black Lung Benefits Program will be sustained through training, developing and pursuing local strategies and public education, monitoring black lung claims, documenting younger workers with black lung and pulmonary fibrosis.

*Virginia Organizing Project, Charlottesville, Virginia — $4,750
Funding will support the Appalachian field office which assists new and emerging groups as well as help long standing projects and organizations connect to statewide policy and networks and build support for statewide campaigns on issues affecting Appalachian areas.

West Virginia FREE, Charleston, West Virginia — $9,000
Grant monies will help promote education and legislation around reproductive rights and womens health especially for rural teens. The statewide Emergency Contraception Project (EC in the ER) will continue surveys of hospital and pharmacy practices and when completed, will yield a directory for young woman seeking contraceptive support a critical tool for young women in rural areas with limited choice of pharmacies.

Woodland Community Land Trust, Clairfield, Tennessee — $9,000
Funds will support projects and outreach to demonstrate land and water quality issues as they relate to poverty and community empowerment.

* Grant is designated for work in Appalachian counties.

Total General Fund Grants: 34

Total General Fund Amount Rewarded: $235,500

Major support for the Appalachian Community Fund’s General Grantmaking Program comes from
The New York Community Trust.

Media Justice Initiative

Appalshop –Appalachian Media Institute, Whitesburg, Kentucky, Webcasting Project — $7,000

Citizens for Police Review, Knoxville, Tennessee, Media Revolution Initiative — $6,000

Center for Rural Strategies, Mountain Reporter Network Kentucky — $5,000

Community Media Coop Toolkit, Lake City, Tennessee — $5,000

South Central Educational Development, Bluefield,West Virginia, Youth Media – $5,000

Total Media Justice Grants Rewarded: $28,000

Technical Assistance Program

Appalshop-Youth Media, Whitesburg, Kentucky, for the “Gathering for Social Justice” in Oakland, California

Aurora Lights, Morgantown, West Virginia, Mountain Top Removal Awareness Festival

Bradley Initiative for Church and Community, Cleveland, Tennessee, Community Educational Summit

CASA of Ripley, West Virginia, for fundraising training

Clinch Coalition, Wise, Virginia, for strategic planning

Covenant House, Charleston, West Virginia, for scholarships to Brushy Fork Institute training

Cumberland Mountain Outreach, Beattyville, Kentucky, for scholarships to Brushy Fork Institute training

Fair Shake Network, Institute, West Virginia, for scholarships to Brushy Fork Institute training

First Nations Development Institute, Boulder, Colorado, for Appalachian scholarships to the annual Oweesta Conference

Kentucky Environmental Coalition, Berea, Kentucky, for the Energy Project

Progressive Student Alliance and Tribe ONE, Knoxville, Tennessee, to send youth to the National Youth Training Institute

South Central Educational Development, Bluefield, West Virginia, for the Minority Rural Health Disparities Conference

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Knoxville, TN, for the “Colors United” black/brown youth gathering

United Mountain Defense, East Tennessee for the Voices for Appalachia project

Wisdom Keepers, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, to help develop the First People’s Community Development Corporation of Tennessee

Woodland Community Land Trust, Clairfield, Tennessee, to attend “Green” Workshop trainings

Total Technical Assistance Grants Rewarded: $28,000

Seize the Moment Grants

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Huntington, West Virginia

Rose Hill Project, Rose Hill, Virginia

TennCorp Community Service, Knoxville, Tennessee

Total Seize the Moment Grants Rewarded: $690


Total Amount Awarded: $276,167

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